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The Best Natural Weight Loss Pills on the Market

Leptitox Natural Weight Loss Pills Review

Have you tried to lose weight and stop your cravings, but no matter what, you can’t? No matter the diet, no matter the exercise, nothing changes? A man has created a new pill capsule that can help you lose the weight that never seems to go away. It is made from completely natural substances that consist of various plants from around the world. This pill can also help you without dieting, meaning you can eat whatever you want, when you want, while still losing weight. This may sound too good to be true, but you’ll never know unless you try it. This is the story of the man who discovered the solution to helping many people lose weight.


Morgan Hurst is a 47 year old firefighter who lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife, Grace, and his three kids. He helped put out the Spring Creek fire of 2016 and the Wolf Creek Pass fire of 2013, while regularly helping out the community. His wife has always been athletic throughout her life, but after having kids, noticed she started to gain weight. She became ashamed of her body, causing her and Morgan to search for ways to help her lose weight. They went to the doctor and for a decade, tried a ton of weight loss programs and diets. Nothing worked indefinitely, and his wife always gained the weight back, so he had enough. He started looking into ways to get rid of the problem at the source.

Morgan researched fat cells and came across some information about it. Whenever fat cells grow, they release a hormone called leptin. When leptin levels are low, one becomes hungry and must eat inorder to satisfy the hunger. Whenever they are high, we’re full, so then we know to stop eating. Leptin resistance is a condition in which you’re never told you’re full, so you just keep eating and eating, ultimately gaining weight from this. You cannot control this, because you’re never satisfied, therefore you feel the need to eat and you suffer either way. Morgan couldn’t figure out why this happened. He left messages on multiple forums asking for help with this, and eventually, someone did.

An anonymous contact that worked for the biggest weight loss brand for 10 years talked with Morgan. He said weight loss industries have three lies they use to get you to not lose weight so they gain more money. The first was that dieting helps you lose weight. This is false because whenever your body thinks it’s being starved, it tries to hold onto your fat. Going on a diet causes your body to hold onto more fat, resulting in the diet becoming useless. Research shows 95% of diets fail, and 66% of diets cause people to put on more weight. Dieting is only treating the symptoms, not getting rid of the problem. The industries make you buy all their dieting routines to gain profit from this lie. In one’s lifetime, the average American will spend about $120,000 on attempting to lose weight, and in the end, most likely not succeed.

The next lie told by weight loss industries is that exercise helps you lose weight. This might be surprising but whenever you exercise, your body produces cortisol from the inflammation produced. Your body treats cortisol just like dieting, causing you to gain weight from this as well. Not only do you have a chance to gain weight from exercising, studies have shown that when people exercise, their food intake increases. This results in the exercise they do to be cancelled out in the long run. Exercise is healthy, but for weight loss, it just doesn’t seem to be what is needed. Once again, it hasn’t addressed the issue, just the symptoms.

The third and final lie is that slow metabolism causes weight gain. People with more weight have a higher metabolism, which increases with the more weight you gain. This is because with more weight, you run out of energy faster than someone that weighs less. Morgan was shocked by these lies, but whenever he thought about it, he realized that this made perfect sense. Weight gain didn’t only come from having a bad diet or not exercising, it had another cause: leptin resistance.

Neither Morgan nor the anonymous source knew what to do about it. Morgan was at a standstill. Then, Morgan was asked to go to Malaysia to help out with forest fire techniques to help put them out as the Mayaysians were not as experienced as they could be in this field. While there, he noticed that every single one of the men that came from one specific Malaysian island didn’t have an ounce of fat on them and never overate. He asked why this was and one of the men gave him a hint. A recipe to be more precise. Most of the ingredients he had never heard of, but he was told that this recipe would help out his wife.

One of the ingredients for the solution that he was given was marian thistle. It is known in the United States as milk thistle. Morgan researched why this was one of the ingredients and found some interesting information. Not only does milk thistle have anti-aging effects and supports healthy cholesterol levels, it also detoxifies BPA, a compound known as an endocrine disrupting chemical (EDC). BPA is now known to scientists to be harmful to humans and to disrupt our bodily functions once it enters our blood stream. Morgan didn’t understand what this had to do with body fat, but after researching some more, he finally found out why.

A study was done and it showed that mice were given low doses of BPA, lower than shown safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The mice became resistant to leptin, their food intake was never suppressed, and they quickly put on weight. BPA isn’t the only endocrine disrupting chemical in our environment. TBT is also directly linked to leptin resistance and is found in paint, pesticides, and vinyl products. Studies have shown, and even Dr. Oz himself has said, that without a doubt, endocrine disrupting chemicals are linked to leptin resistance.

Cravings for food are scientifically unstoppable because of the EDC’s that are invisible in your bloodstream at this very moment. EDC is everywhere, you can’t move anywhere and hope to get away. The United States actually has one of the highest levels of EDC in tap water in the world, with over 76 different kinds of EDCs detected in the water. Studies have shown that obesity and leptin resistance started sometime in the 1950's. They have also shown that the rapid incline for obesity and leptin resistance matches EDC exposure exactly. Scientists at Stirling University concluded that the levels of EDC in our bodies directly correlates with how overweight we are, and that EDC is the real reason for America’s obesity epidemic.

To put it simply, Morgan saw that these foreign chemicals were entering the bloodstream and disrupting your brain from detecting leptin, making you crave more and more food. While the level of EDC in Malaysia was one of the highest in the world, much higher than the US, Morgan saw that they actually had one of the lowest levels of obesity and overweight individuals. Morgan figured it must be because of this recipe that he was given. Even though it was an extremely toxic environment, they never overate and didn’t have an ounce of fat on them.

Morgan finished researching and wanted to cry, because for the first time in years he felt hope that he could help out his wife in the way she needed. However, he needed more than just the milk thistle to make this work. Some other things included in this recipe were things like apium graveolens seed, which is shown to detoxify an EDC called DEHP in all nearby plastics, jujube which detoxifies the endocrine disrupter, ZEA and grape seed that both cleanse the harmful EDC cadmium found in vegetables, nuts and cereals, and also supports healthy blood pressure. Morgan also needed many other plants along with it, like alfalfa, chanca piedra, taraxacum leaves, brassicas, and barberry. Overall, the recipe needed 11 natural ingredients that are clinically proven to detoxify the body of every EDC that exists in our modern world. Morgan then came across a big problem with these ingredients. It took him days to find them, cost him thousands of dollars, and weeks to extract what he needed. By the time he was done, he was exhausted and barely had enough to last his wife for a few days. He needed another plan.

Morgan reasoned that he could buy the ingredients in bulk and convert the recipe into small capsules for his wife to swallow. He also reasoned that he could improve the recipe while he was at it with modern science and technology. By doing this, he could make the recipe even more powerful than the Malaysian’s had. Since Morgan didn’t have any medical training or experience, he sought out help. He got in touch with Sonya Rhodes, a dedicated independent medical researcher with over 29 years of experience. Sonya’s husband, brother, and even her son struggled with weight loss. They became tired of failed diets and the health risks that came with it. She congratulated him, saying that his research was completely correct. She went on saying that skinny people aren’t special, they just aren’t leptin resistant yet. Everyone is affected by EDCs, just at different rates based on our body, women being affected more than men. She explained that the human body has not evolved to synthesize its own detoxifying nutrients to clear out EDCs because they’ve really only been around for the past 70 years. She saw that the only way to do this is with this recipe.

Sonya helped improve and modify it too, by taking the ingredients and testing hundreds of different formulas to determine what would happen with each variation. After six months, she had found the perfect combination. In total, this formula had 22 plant extracts and nutrients in it. By including so many, the recipe became twice as beneficial as the original, all in little pill capsules. Sonya stated that this new breakthrough addresses what other weight loss programs didn’t, the one true cause of leptin resistance. Morgan was ready to combat the issue with this formula, all he needed was a willing patient, which he had: his wife. She was skeptical and had to be begged to take them daily, but after seven days, she proved that they worked. Whenever they had dinner, she didn’t need seconds. Morgan said her weight started melting off her like butter in a microwave in the days that followed. His wife had broken free from her cycle of leptin resistance.

This wasn’t proof it worked though, they needed to see if they could replicate these results. So they put an ad in the newspapers and online ads, asking for volunteers that were over 40 years of age, overweight, and unable to lose weight no matter what they did. After 10 days, they had 45 people willing to test the pills, and the results were better than they thought it could ever turn out. All 45 volunteers reported dramatic drops in their hunger and cravings, and within that, their weight. The average weight loss was 53 pounds! 97% of the volunteers went on to lose over 59 pounds of fat, and the other 3% over 40 pounds, enjoying the weight they had lost. They had created an all natural formula that will help you finally melt your belly fat and control your hunger and cravings in a capsule form called Leptitox.


Now that we’ve gone over the history of this product, is it worth buying? I think so. Based on the research shown, this product at least warrants a try. The fact that out of the 45 volunteers, plus his wife, they had only positive results is amazing. Not only that, Morgan has made this a vegetarian, all natural pill capsule solution. Medically speaking, this capsule is absolutely safe to consume. Also, this isn’t cancer or any incurable disease, this is a solution that helps get rid of leptin resistance. By getting an established medical expert to further the effectiveness makes this even better than it was before Morgan got it. Leptitox has only had positive results from the patients thus far, with no side effects, proving that this is an effective way to lose that stubborn weight. Try it out today!

As of the time of writing this review, Leptitox is on sale! Check it out here: (Click Here)!


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