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The Benefits of Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is a powerful tool that can improve your body by building muscle and reducing fat, but did you know there are many more benefits that can be gained by just a little physical exercise every day? Some that are even more important than strength and physical appearance. A few could even allow you to live longer and become happier in your everyday life. All it takes is a little exercise daily and you could feel those benefits within a few hours. Today we will go over a few of those benefits and how you can unlock them to your benefit.

The first major benefit of physical exercise is a stronger immunity to illnesses. It can help your body fight various illnesses in a few different ways. First, it helps your body flush bacteria out of your lungs and body where it can do the most harm. This helps stop the illness from getting inside of you and attacking your immune system to make you ill. By doing so, this can reduce the chance of getting a cold, the flu, or other illnesses. Not only that, exercise can help with your pain receptors, meaning it may cause you to feel less pain from wounds. The second way exercise helps your body is by helping your disease fighters: white blood cells. These antibodies go around your body looking for illnesses, attacking any foreign entity that means to do you harm. Exercise can help them circulate faster and helps them detect illnesses earlier, allowing them to exterminate it sooner. If you exercise, this could cause them to get rid of harmful things in your body before they negatively affect you.

The second major benefit is that exercise can help you sleep better. Physical exercise has been shown to not only improve quality of sleep, but also how quickly you fall asleep. It has been shown that aerobic exercises increase the amount of slow wave sleep you get. Slow wave sleep is another word for deep sleep. The more time you spend in deep sleep, the more well rested you will be when you wake in the morning. Exercise also helps stabilize mood and decompress the mind, which improves sleep by helping to remove the stress that can cause you to be less rested. This is because your body releases natural painkillers known as endorphins, while not addictive, can help you relax just as well. Just 20 minutes of exercise can help you sleep better. Not only that, but the benefits of a good night's sleep could kick in as quick as that day. No need to force yourself into a routine. You could exercise right now and sleep better tonight!

Third, exercise not only helps with physical fitness, but mental fitness as well. Just 5 minutes of physical exercise could reduce your stress levels. Stress causes fatigue and can lower alertness and concentration as well. However, physical exercise can enhance your cognitive function beyond your standard levels. Endorphins can improve sleep, as we’ve already talked about, but also reduces stress. There are some other options to reduce stress, such as meditation, yoga, and massage therapy. However, in my opinion, none of these work as well as physical exercise, and as I’ve already said, just 5 minutes of physical exercise could help you as soon as today.

Last, exercise does many things inside your body beyond just building muscle and stamina. It greatly increases your blood levels, glucose levels, and the oxygen that goes to your brain. This improves your brain function and removes what is known as “Brain Fog.” Along with this, the endorphins released improve mood and liven you up, which can help you perform better in your day to day life. A recent study that looked at workplace exercise found a 72% increase in workplace productivity and time management. Some businesses are even adding fitness centers and adding time to work out during the work day. To achieve these benefits it only takes about 30 minutes of light aerobic exercise a day and you could have these benefits all to yourself. Physical exercise could improve your work and life balance too. A major way it does this is by improving your motivation. Motivation is vital to work and home balance. Whether it’s motivation to get more work done so you can have extra time with your family, or to get up and start the home project you’ve been putting off, exercise can help you with the balance.

Beyond motivation, physical exercise greatly improves your endurance. First, it can improve your mental endurance by providing you more sleep and less stress. This will allow you to have more energy at the end of the day so you’re not drowsy after work. Second, it improves physical endurance. It does this by building strength and stamina, allowing you to not get nearly as tired as you would without exercise. Sleep will also rest your body and improve your physical endurance. Along with all of this, physical exercise just keeps you more healthy in general. The most well known benefit is that it reduces body fat, which has many more benefits along with it. However, there are many benefits to your health that physical exercise brings. Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and bone loss related to age and osteoporosis are just a few. It can even lower your blood pressure.

Whether you need a push in productivity and motivation to help at work, school, or home, you are stressed and need to lose some, or you need better sleep. Maybe just a drive to become more healthy, physical exercise can help you. It’s not hard, and not very time consuming. Even just 30 minutes a day could unlock all of these benefits. There is really no reason not to start, and you could get these benefits as early as today.

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